The Zen Project

Asharoken, NY

The beach is my happy place. The water, salt air,  and breeze. The sand beneath my feet and the sound of water lapping against the shore under an expansive sky; this is my nirvana. Finding Balance. Much like we do in every aspect of our lives; work, family, friends and obligations, balance is what we strive for. If we are to make it all feel seamless and calm, then balancing the everyday is key.  If one can accomplish this balance, then a grand scale achievement it is.

There is great art to the balancing of rocks in beautiful formations.  I am in awe of true artisans who create pillars of magically poised stones.  I did, at first, believe there must be some trickery involved.  Alas, persistence is most definitely your friend in this endeavor. I have found stacking a few rocks upon each other remarkably relaxing. When I do manage to balance them ‘just so’, and they don’t topple, there is great satisfaction and a smidge of artistic joy.

It has become ritualistic that I create a small pile of rocks in my quest for balance and calm. Whenever I find myself at a beach on the rock laden North Shore of Long Island, I find my zen.  I have assembled a collection for your enjoyment and hopefully a bit of inspiration, so that you may find balance in your life.

Click HERE >>>     The Zen Project – Red’s Rocks

Xoxo DDJ

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