Divided We Fall; Can We Make America Great Again?

A house divided against itself cannot stand. – Abraham Lincoln

James Calvin Davis is a Christian studies and ethics teacher. Who he is and his religion aside, and even putting aside his book, Forbearance: A Theological Ethic for a Disagreeable Church – I have to agree with and share my personal concern and distress over the current climate of divisiveness in this country. I used to be quite the firecracker when it came to heated conversations. No more! I no longer share in debate and banter with friends and family because it gets ugly in seconds flat. Now, I stand in fear of antagonizing or creating a rift in longstanding friendships.

Journalism: “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation”

Then, there’s my first love – journalism – a profession that has been vilified as both a career and a calling. Let us try, for a moment, and remember the importance of a free press. Today, the openness to ideas and communication is gone. Self proclaimed well-read and concerned citizens choose to ONLY hear their own voice and those who share that voice. But please think – – -one doesn’t need to agree with on a moral, ethical or simply personal level with everything we see and hear and read, BUT we do have a human obligation to weigh possibilities; to intelligently debate ideas; to actually care about a differing opinion in order to see a more valid truth. This CANNOT be the future:

“You either hate women or like to kill babies. You are either a hawk or a peacenik. You are either homophobic or a fan of bestiality. You either prefer owls to people or condone raping the environment. You are either a socialist or a one-percent. You are either for law enforcement or for African-American rights. This is what most of our public debate looks like these days.” – James Calvin Davis

How do we move forward? Who will teach future generations to communicate, to speak, to share – without being immediately dismissed, rebuked or belittled? We learn by example. It is a general belief that by the time we hit our 20’s, the measure of our integrity has been well established. So what then? I think the importance of teaching ethics is vastly under-emphasized.  It is paramount, perhaps more now than ever, to give our future generations the tools in which they are ready to engage and debate alternative views. Conflict resolution should not just be a line on a resume.

We have become a nation numb to the simple virtues of honesty, integrity and compassion. What is conveyed every day by people we should hold in great regard has become accepted behavior. Dishonesty, malice, disparagement: this is the new norm. In fact, I see it not only accepted but worse, emulated. Something’s gotta give, because this is real and this makes me sad.

xoxo DDJ

How to make a grown man cry. SHAME ON YOU!

Christin Cooper

It’s the Olympics, you’ve just won a bronze medal, but nobody is asking YOU if you want to go to Disneyland.  Nope, let’s try something different. In an effort to—I presume—do a job well, Christin Cooper has dropped the snowball and failed miserably.  Perhaps if she were interviewing a serial killer and trying to get the names of his victims, but THIS?  This was torture of an innocent man.  I realize that her expertise is NOT on air interviewing—more in the former alpine skier department—but she must have a heart in that body.  Don’t go blaming the frigid Sochi air, since there ISN’T ANY.  Her interview and interrogation of Bode Miller’s feelings upon winning a bronze medal was painful to watch.  Question after question she berated this man about his brother who passed away last year of a seizure.  This was an unforeseen death. The death of his younger brother, a 29 year old snowboarder, who Bode was CLEARLY very close to, was not even a year ago.  Surely an incessant barrage of questions on that subject seems like the logical way to go. *eyes rolling*  I give Bode Miller a big thumbs up for being so understanding and likely saving Ms. Cooper’s career.  He tweeted: “I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle w christin cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault. #heatofthemoment” I don’t necessarily agree. Anyone who has lost a loved one in any way, let alone a young person in an unexpected way will surely cringe at her interrogative inquest to his immensely personal feelings.

So, sorry Christin Cooper, but you are my FOOL DU JOUR.

Decide for yourself.


xoxo DDJ

Free Botox with Date!


<<<<<<< So now Dr. Find me a woman already, has had the opportunity to take his barter game to the masses via Howard Stern.  I can only imagine how this will change his dating dilemma.  😉 >>>>>>>>>

I don’t even know how I feel about this.  Disgusted was my first thought then well, disgusted again. Somewhere down the line I wondered, is this REALLY what a New York City surgeon has to do to get a date? I mean, REALLY?? The answer—in case you were wondering—is ABSOLUTELY, if you are a weirdo.

Dr. Emil Chynn is a New York City Plastic Surgeon.  He is a Columbia grad with his residency at Harvard and self-professed member of Mensa. He is having a hard time finding a date. I was trying to muster up some sympathy—really I was, but HOW? When the rest of the single world is lowering the bar—and I mean low enough for Dachshund to walk under it, he has a list of demands—I mean preferred qualities that really aren’t so much preferred as they are REQUIRED. The fact that he has been going at this for some time makes me wonder how Dr. Mensa hasn’t figured out that perhaps his approach needs some modification.

This guy’s pathology upon further investigation shows a history of creepy craigslist ads going back some time, offering women who must show a photo, an amazing deal on a West Village Apartment in return for “cooking, cleaning, and other unspecified favors”. (Nothing sexual) Another ad on craigslist going a few years back offered a free studio on Park Avenue in return for being his physicians assistant,  walking on his back for an hour—if you are under 115 lbs and being a woman. Also, tidying up his ski house, his beach house, and his OTHER beach house. AND, of course, find him a girlfriend. He has been at this A WHILE.

After a recent networking event, Dr. Goodsense sent out a mass email in order to rein in his dream girl. This is for real. Well, in that I am delusional and think I am getting a unicorn for my birthday kind of real. I really hoped these requirements had been revised BUT they have not changed since his 2012 endeavor. Requirements…  Age: 27-35 (Ideally 28-34), No Kids, wants kids in the next 1-2 years, College graduate, doesn’t have to be a great school, but needs to have finished the degree, Skinny, (i.e. dress size 0-2), Caucasian, (not Black, Hispanic, or Asian), Healthy lifestyle, (defined as no smoking, no drugs, good diet, no hard drinking). Is now a good time to mention that our socially challenged physician is 47 years old?

Well, I just don’t know why the offers aren’t flooding in. The perks to setting up Dr. Delusional with the girl of his dreams—actual DREAMS—are quite enticing. Our awesome Columbia University Alumni, Lasik doc—from his Park Avenue office, has offered $100 for finding him a 1st date.  And if Doctor Super Picky has a 2nd date, you could score some of his offices cosmetic procedures!  Yes, for a 2nd date you could have free eyelash enhancer or $200.  This is sounding more like a Chuck Woolery production at every turn. On the very unlikely chance of that coveted 3rd date, you could have Botox or $300. For the nearly implausible 4th date he offers free Juvederm injections or $400. And were there a sign of the apocalypse 5th date, you could have free Lasik surgery on ONE eye—a $2,000 value—or $500 cash.

In my very brief defense of Dr. Demento, he admits to being “picky”.  And, I sincerely hope he can resolve himself to being single. I only pray there isn’t a woman out there that finds his brand of E-harmony at all alluring. Even if I fit ALL of his qualifications, which I do not, I wouldn’t want anyone for whom these are the deal breakers. I am guessing it is perfectly fine if this elusive and ideal woman of his listens to death metal while torturing insects in the sun with a magnifying glass.  I imagine she can also have horrifying hygiene or be a hoarder.  Of course she can, as long as she is a college grad who hasn’t eaten since graduation.

There is a part of me that actually wonders how this turns out for him. This is reality TV without the TV. I might have to rely on the Huffington Post for updates. But is this really the world we live in?  I realize how hard it is to find someone in a society where we are all so busy that eating a proper meal and getting enough sleep takes a back seat to our jobs and careers, and maybe I am just a romantic at heart, but I would never put such stringent “qualifications” on a human being.  He is missing out on the HUMANITY of humans.  Then again, I am not sure that Dr. Strangelove understands humans outside the cadavers he studied in med school.  Good luck, DOC, and you might want to check out an old movie… Weird Science—suits you.

DDJ *never dating a doctor*

Seriously…. REALLY?


I don’t recognize this…. must be NEW

Fox New Modern Image

While watching Fox News’ Sunday Housecall this morning, and a report on allergies, I stumbled upon a brief clip of a woman reaching for a tissue. There were a few shots–Man sneezing in the street, woman dabbing her teary eyes and drippy nose…. and THIS.  I had to do some research, but I believe this is the wave of the future in something called an “IBM selectric typewriter”, and kudos to Fox News for being so far ahead of the crowd with their amazing file footage.  🙂

YOU ARE MY Fool du Jour, Fox… Did you think I wasn’t paying attention?

Make that “FOOLS”

bey jzbey cuba

In a communist country, where the immeasurable majority is oppressed, Beyonce and Jay Z spent their 5th anniversary living the high life, in high-profile and posing for propaganda photos in lovely Havana.  SHAME on them.  I am glad Senator Marco Rubio, among others is calling them out on choosing a communist, oppressed country, to CELEBRATE their anniversary.  —  They didn’t even pretend to make this a humanitarian trip.  Sickening.

Fool du Jour – Athletes Nazi Salute

Giorgos Katidis

He’s 20–from Athens.  He’s a soccer or football player, depending on your locale.  There are plenty of pictures of his Nazi salute-right arm extended, arm straightened-after he scored the go ahead goal. There are pictures of his teammates looking on in astonishment.  The 20-year-old claims “ignorance”, that he detests fascism.  And, the German coach claims he “doesn’t have any idea about politics.”  Listen up fool…. it’s not politics, it’s HISTORY, and 20 years old is NO excuse.  Sorry, Giorgos Katidis of Athens, but you are my fool du jour,