Peanut Brains

peanut butter


I have fond memories of childhood. Remember those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—for me 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich and 1/2 a jelly sandwich—in the cafeteria? Remember the days when you didn’t need a note from the surgeon general to BRING something with peanuts into a school. Perhaps I am just getting old, but I have to say, in a graduating class of over 600, I honestly don’t recall anyone having the nut, dairy, egg allergies of today’s kids. One does NOT have to delve too deeply into the differences in lifestyle between yesterday’s devil-may-care, fly by the seat of your pants child rearing, and today’s everything we touch is potentially going to kill your kid standard.

Not having children, I can only speak as one who actually was a child (maybe still is). Fine, I get it. You only have your child’s best interests at heart, but a new study reported in the NY Times has me scratching my head in utter disbelief. The Times went so far as to call this study’s conclusion—that we should introduce “killer” nuts and dairy in the early months of your childs life— “a radical new treatment!” Radical? New?

Building immunities—exposing ones’ self to germs on a small scale is hardly a new concept in medicine. In fact, there was a study done in 2011 that showed children in day care, indeed, did get sick more often. However—and this is a biggie—by the time these same children got to grade school they were less likely to be sick. This research, done in Australia, says “Although children may become ill when first starting care, or when infections are spread in the care setting, there is no evidence that this leads to poorer health later on. Rather, it may be that exposure in infancy to a wider range of infectious diseases provides some protection against infections at school age.”

This leads me back to my “REALLY?” moment. The Time’s is heralding this study— introducing allergenic foods like peanut butter and eggs to babies as young as 4 to 6 months old from the study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice—as if it’s new and unheard of. But the reality is THIS IS A TRIED AND TRUE CONCEPT, PEOPLE! I will not divulge my age, but suffice it to say, I grew up loving music from the late 70’s and early 80’s. That being said, I don’t ever recall my mother fearing I’d go into anaphylactic shock when I came home from school and had a snack.

What have we done to an entire generation or two out of unfounded fears? I say this from a place of frustration. I’ve worked around doctors for…. Well….let’s just say a really long time. I read a lot of medical studies. I find it saddening and maddening that research is now showing that the number of young children affected by peanut allergies doubled between 1997 and 2002. Doubled! But you don’t need statistics to prove the obvious. HONESTLY…I find more than a very small handful of friends my age that have either the peanut thing or the dairy thing. There are exceptions to the theory that allergies are the new big thing. My brother has always been allergic to the lawn, but to this day I still believe that was so he didn’t have to mow it.

So really, is this new radical life changing information or just a concept that we’ve long known works on illnesses (why do you think the flu shot works?) being applied to allergies.

I’m going to go have some peanut butter right now. If this blog page goes silent, then you will know I was wrong. But I believe my own not too radical thinking will prevail. Exposure to all sorts of things can actually make us stronger. Just something to think about.




San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee would like to ban hard liquor for the Superbowl.



Answering the Mayor’s drastic call for sobriety, Tucker Carlson, on Fox News, answered. “It’s possible that your team can play in the super bowl AND you can have a drink without setting fire to anything.”  Mind blowing!

 I am not particularly sure how in today’s economy tying the hands of business owners on, of all days, Super Bowl Sunday, is the most prudent way to handle the nuts who feel setting fires and flipping cars is the appropriate response to your team Winning.  (Although I admire The Mayor’s presumption of such.)   I admit, as a Jets fan I do not have a lot of experience with this, winning. But I would like to believe that a predisposed ounce of sanity along with a fear of large uncontrolled fires and a bad back would provide some hiccups to a championship celebration run amok.  It helps that I am most certainly not a certifiable nut, hell bent on destruction of property.

 What happened to the days of popping a bottle of champagne, cheering loudly for your team as they parade around in their new, made-a-week-ago, championship caps, and celebrating with a pile of wings and chips? And why can’t I be trusted with a real drink?

 It sounds as if the mayor has some impractical, if not delusional, advisors.  Banning “hard liquor” is not going to stop your average football fan from consuming enough beer to both set fires and flip cars, if that is what they really want to do.  I imagine his fear of the same headline craziness we’ve been reading after so many championship games in so many cities for so many sports is at the root of his desire for a sober Superbowl.  Yes Mayor, we also remember “The San Francisco Giants Riot”. Still, I admit I really don’t get it.

 The San Francisco Giants World Series win debacle ended with 36 people arrested during post game “celebrations.” 23 of those were deemed felonies.   So, according to Lee, I shouldn’t be able to have a glass of Patron on the rocks because 36 people in his city – the second most densely populated, major city in the United States after New York City – went nuts?

At my last look, Mayor Ed Lee had the following suggestion. “I suggest that they serve something (other) than heavy alcohol during the times of celebration cause that inebriation sometimes doesn’t help with people who might go beyond the bounds of acceptability in their celebration.”

 (YES, he said “cause”)

He says his concern is for the small businesses that got HURT during the baseball celebration.  So, of course, the answer is to punish all businesses that serve alcohol – along with all responsible adults.

 This seems to be a common theme these days. Punish the majority because of a small minority of law-breakers.

 But you have to love the American Beverage Institute for putting their 2 cents in.  In a statement on Monday, they asked the city “to avoid demonizing a perfectly legal product.”  Good point. But it leads to the question of why would the Mayor want to “demonize” and punish only “hard liquor” drinkers? I consider myself a pretty tame Tequila drinker, but I have known my fair share of well…let’s just call them rambunctious beer drinkers.  I do find it interesting that NO one seems to think WINE drinkers watch football… (Just an afterthought.)

 Well, I am pretty darn sure the Mayor’s idea is a foolish, unenforceable concept.  And, who knows…. Maybe the Ravens will win.  Or, perhaps the biggest fight will just be between the Harbaugh brothers.



Nine black former “American Idol” contestants have gotten together to SUE the show … claiming they were all forced off of the show as part of a racist plot to get higher ratings.

Corey Clark (Season 2), Jaered Andrews(Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), TerrellBrittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), ThomasDaniels (Season 6), AkronWatson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8) and ChrisGolightly (Season 9).

The former contestants claim that Idol has only publicly disqualified 9 show since it first hit the air … and they all happened to be black.

Their attorney now alleges that “Idol” has been conducting a “cruel and inhumane” scheme to exploit and humiliate black contestants for ratings. Continue reading “DESTRUCTIVE STEREOTYPES” – OR MAYBE JUST THE FACTS