Bushkill Falls… The autumn return.

DSC01032A bit past the beautiful colors, the trees are mostly bare and yet still pretty breathtaking.  A walk across the grounds of the hotel to the sound of crushing leaves on a magnificent, sunshine filled, unusually warm November day is calming and rejuvenating.   The crisp air is a stark contrast to the heat and humidity of this past summer.  There is a buck in the woods just staring in my direction… staring… not sure why, but he seems pretty confident I am of no threat.  And I try to assure him that I am most certainly not. My purpose is to re-create the Zen-like bliss I had in July.  This magnificent buck has set the ball in motion.

Sometimes I am reminded how lucky I really am.  The Bushkill Inn and its surrounding area has made an impression on me.  And for whatever reason, I seem to have made an impression on the people here.  How absolutely blessed am I to go back to this WONDERFUL resort and have people REMEMBER me!?  Picked up like it was 4 months ago.  Jen, the most amazing bartender in ALL of Pennsylvania, recognized me immediately… How great is that?  The people of The Bushkill Inn are really lucky to have such a genuinely great girl at the bar! I know I have said this before, but I will say it again.  I absolutely LOVE this place.  The people, everywhere I go are friendly, and kind and well… REMEMBERED me.  A stop for lunch at Petrizzo’s and—Shelly remembered me from my last visit back in July.  And a patron, Sue, remembered I have a—let’s just call it—healthy appetite. Both couldn’t have been nicer, and the food and service, as usual, fantastic. My lunch was not only great, but I was surrounded with friendly and fun people.  Total SCORE!

An unusually warm 60 degree day in Mid-November and I took a chance.  It could have been a bust with freezing temperatures or snow, but I really LUCKED out.  Was able to hike the Falls again.  I never get tired of that scenery.  It is awe inspiring, relaxing, and exhilarating all at once.  When you pass a couple or family or people with their dogs, everyone smiles and says hello.  A small, seemingly innocuous thing—unless you are a New Yorker…. THEN–I have to say–it is not just a little startling, but astonishing and wonderful.  I believe that kindness is contagious.  I come here to get infected.  😉

Back at the hotel, I made some new friends…. I wish I could name everyone… in fact I wish I remembered everyone’s names, but when the ENTIRE staff is amazing, it gets hard.  Next time I will take notes.   🙂 Again, the food at the hotel is wonderful, and I got to meet the chef, Marcos…. And what a great vision he has for food at Bushkill Inn and to expand the horizons of people who haven’t yet realized the JOY of being a “foodie”.  And Angie… Infectious and genuine laugh… If you are lucky enough to have her at your table… then you are LUCKY.  I wandered into the bar when the entertainment, Jimmy Brown was playing a really fun collection of tunes.  Exorcising the New Yorker out of me is a difficult task, but I was beginning to feel my blood pressure lower.   I had a little time to sit with my laptop and put words on a page–there is inspiration in this fresh air and motivation from all I come in contact with.

There is something about coming to The Bushkill Inn that just makes me happy. And it’s not just the S’mores at the fire pit… though that really DID help… And someone has to tell me the name of the young man who meticulously kept that fire burning with such precision because he was GREAT.  Like I said, I wish I could remember all the names, but they elude me right now… I remember Logan and Joe… I will just call them Dish Cleanliness Inspectors.  Good guys…  (And guys, listen to Marcos, he knows best.)

I am just prattling on about how great everyone is… and how wonderful my stay was—again—but I mean it.  Between the amazing staff, and wonderful amenities, and its proximity to Bushkill Falls, I just don’t know how you get better than this when you just need to DE-COMPRESS.  This IS the place to go… For me, I am just going to call it my second home.

See you all in the spring!

Xoxo DDJ