It came with directions


What do you call them?  Are they directionals, turn signals, those blinky lights that tell you when a 4000 pound automobile is about to make a move?  I call them TOO COMPLICATED for the average driver.  On a short drive this morning—with no blinking lights in sight—I was cut off, forced to slam on my brakes, and followed a car that may or may not have been turning in the next millennium.

It’s not a new invention. These handy pieces of safety have been in cars in the U.S., either standard or optional, since the early 40’s! So what, they are still too new for people to grasp? Is flicking the signal such a burden even when that tiny bit of wrist action is for your own and the safety of others?  And by the way, more importantly, here in the fabulous state of New York, it is THE LAW!

That’s right, a little something you can find on their website,(, though should have learned, gee, I don’t know…. BEFORE YOU TOOK YOUR DRIVING TEST, is that the use of the aforementioned  directionals is in the drivers ed book, rule book and law book.

A small refresher course courtesy of NYS: The Vehicle & Traffic Law
requires you use turn signals continuously during not less than the
last 100 feet traveled by the vehicle before turning.
A driver may not slow down or stop in traffic without providing an
appropriate signal for the benefit of following drivers.  This is
usually done by the car’s brake lights.
Directional signals must be used to indicate an intention to turn,
change lanes or leave a parking space.
←     →
As someone who puts on her seat belt immediately upon getting in her car, puts on the headlights when using windshield wipers, (another law), and actually uses her turn signals, I feel compelled to call out everyone who doesn’t.  It’s one thing to be lazy, selfish and break the law.  It’s an entirely different thing when it makes the roads—and me—unsafe.  Now run along… be a dear… and spend a minute finding the turn signal in your car…. I can guarantee it’s in there.

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