Women on Poles


Well, now that I have your attention.  Today marks the 55th running of NASCAR’s Daytona 500.  This is a first with a Woman Pole sitter in Danica Patrick.  I suppose I am confused about the hoopla.  Women have been around poles for YEARS.  😉 

 But I digress.   This is about the foolishness of those who do not watch but claim not to like NASCAR for … wait for it … because it’s “just left turns”, “cars going in circles”.  2 things:  It’s NOT just about those left turns, and they are usually OVALS, dammit!

 The components involved in the making of a great driver include the owner, crew chief, pit crew and driver.  Any one of these components to have a glitch during the race, (sans owner), can end that race in a second.  It’s tactics, mechanics, accuracy, skill and a little luck.   

 And you can’t forget the importance of the little things: When to pit, tires, no tires, how many tires, fuel or no fuel, change to the chassis, how to reserve what fuel you have?   I am sure I have lost some of you by now.  So to simplify it, try going 190 mph for a mile or 2 for fun… easy enough?  Now do it with 42 other cars at a feathers distance from you. 

Yes, I am a BIG fan.  And that took some doing.  I was a most reluctant New Yorker, but had a great friend walk me through it.  And once I learned, understood, and saw the type of athletes these men, (and now women), are I was hooked. 

 This is a sport I not only love, but respect. I sense the respect for its fans is mutual. 

 Maybe you will think I am the fool.  But I know better.  Watch a race with someone who loves the sport.  I think it can be contagious.  Perhaps you will love it too.  And to those who do… ENJOY the 2013 season.  I know I will. 

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