The Fool in the Mirror


(Dedicated to my  Momentum Family)

I will own up to my own foolishness.  I was cynical, but deep down knew that there is a better outlook for me to have.  Going through life, believing I was not enough–that I didn’t matter, that someone is always better, prettier, smarter, more successful than me–was exhausting.  There is a better me underneath all of what I have carried around as absolutes in my head.

I did something so inexplicably unlike me, that even sharing it will likely have friends and acquaintances alike, fainting as they read on.   I went to Momentum Education Workshop.  I admit I was a smidge skeptical, thinking I was way too broken to be fixed. I was sure I was way too set in my ways to make changes in my belief system.  But, I did go in knowing I would give it my all since I indeed wanted a change that just going to the gym or traveling to beautiful, amazing places–even with the people I love the most–wasn’t enough.

Was this fool able to transform, you ask yourself?  I will explain it as best as I can.  Surrounded by a group of strangers-turned-friends in a time frame that would seem impossible (a couple of nights and 2 days) I learned so many lessons.  I will never be so quick to judge, I will honor people for who and what they are, because they matter and I matter and because we are all more than the sum of our past or our present.  Learning that I am enough and that being vulnerable is not a flaw but a tool in allowing love in and subsequently letting it out, and being able to share that is a gift…. Not just any gift, but a gift that is contagious.  Going through life with a scowl on my face has produced a mirrored life right back at me.  As I walked through Manhattan this morning, head held high, smile on my face, saying hello to the guys in the deli, I felt what Sylvia High drove home.  Possibilities are endless, limitless, and achievable and ultimately I can be extraordinary.

I met some of the MOST amazing people in this workshop and I wish I could spend more time locked in a room with them.  🙂   They gave me courage, strength and the ability to let go, get in touch with the me I forgot, buried and left for dead.  Standing in a room full of complete strangers sharing my personal world was something I thought impossible before last Thursday, and yet its effect on me has turned out to be life altering. I wish amazing things for each and every one of the people I met.  Their lives and stories touched me in an infinitely profound way.

I feel foolish that I was ever skeptical.  My life is not stuck.  By changing my choices, by changing my beliefs, the facts of my life change.  This will likely make no sense to those who have not participated in the experiential workshop.  These types of things can not be explained on paper or in words.  It truly is an experience.  By experiencing it with people you have nothing in common with, but have EVERYTHING in common with is what I found truly extraordinary.

Momentum Education Workshop, Bayshore and my Emu…. DDJ is forever grateful

– I WAS HERE – Beyonce

Today, 3/6/13   I am experiencing changes in the people around me.  It is still amazing.  I can’t wait for Advanced! – Debbie Jaffie

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