I’ll wait till Groundhog Day


I have often wondered if New Year’s resolutions are merely an American cultural compulsion or a worldwide phenomenon. Personally, I think by labeling some grandiose idea you have a resolution, you are setting it up for failure without even requiring a new year.

What if—and I know this is crazy—we just set some goals that can literally start on ANY given day of the year, and just—gosh, I don’t know—tried really hard. I had my annual “Resolutions pie chart” ready and waiting for the chime of 2014 in my hand when I realized—who am I kidding?  The likelihood of any of these coming to fruition are less likely than my winning the lottery. Oh, were you wondering about my “Resolutions pie chart”?  Of course you were. About 20 years ago, I fell madly in love with pie charts.  Not having a real use for them, I decided I would incorporate them into my life by being my visual reminder of the many things I wished to change with the coming year.  Each piece of the pie would represent the importance to me by percentage. For example, wanting to change my eating habits—60%.  Wanting to have more self-control of my online shopping habit—15%.  And so forth and so on with the myriad of changes I wish to make, but inevitably won’t.

The truth is, for myself at least, that I fear in the back of my mind I allow resolutions to fail because no one really expects them to succeed anyway. It is almost a joke when you say… “yep, already broke THAT resolution”.  I don’t want the changes I wish to make to be THAT easy to walk away from. So this year will be DIFFERENT.

This year’s pie chart is a solid cobalt. 100%. I will, on a date known only to me, set forth and make the changes in my life that I wish to genuinely accomplish. With NOT participating in the rote perfunctory habits of a culture, I feel that I might actually be able to proceed and succeed with my goals.

Since the word resolution has become practically inconsequential in reality, I think everyone should jump off that supercilious bandwagon. Make the changes you want, live the life you want, and be the person you wish to see in the mirror every day… in a way that WORKS—in your own timeframe. That is my plan.

So, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.  May the coming year be filled with good health and happiness.  May you—and I—bask in our sense of self and be overjoyed.


Xoxo  DDJ and Clancy


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